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Running in Support of Cancer Survivors and Challenged Athletes




We run (far) in support of folks battling cancer and challenged athletes. Every mile is dedicated to someone inspiring and special - just like the person you know! The names are printed on a laminated sheet, read aloud, and carried with us every step of the 100 mile non-stop run.  Check out the video.

Recently completed the Umstead 100 mile ultramarathon. A trail run through the woods of North Carolina.  Thank you to everyone who dedicated a mile and/or made a donation.  If you haven't made a donation - please consider doing so as it's NEVER too late.

Please dedicate a mile to someone you know. It's easy! Just two quick steps...

1) Please send us the name (and short bio) of the person to whom you'd like to dedicate:


2) Please make a donation to the charity of your choice. 100% of all donations go directly to the organization you select.

100% of all donations go directly to:

  cancer society   cancer society

On behalf of the challenged athletes and cancer survivors, THANK YOU!

Note: large banner photos of CAF boys and girls courtesy of Challenged Athletes Foundation and Tim Mantoani

Upcoming Event


Umstead '14

100 Mile Run - April 5, 2014

Please donate and dedicate a mile to someone inspiring and special.

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100 Mile Run Apr.

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